CEX - my consumer rights when a phone gets barred after being unlocked.

Found 6th Jan 2014
I'm thinking of buying a handset on Cex which is locked to a network. It's inexpensive to unlock and works out a lot cheaper than the same grade as an unlocked device. They have an unlocked one which is about the same price but it is bashed up and scratched.

I've had two occasions where Cex phones have ended up barred many months down the line. In fairness they have immediately replaced them like-for-like BUT they say unlocking - even via a perfectly innocent code that doesn't modify the firmware at all - invalidates the warranty. Would this give them the right to refuse to exchange the handset if, many months down the line, the original seller had the handset barred for not paying their line rental?

Just wanted to get a general opinion on this as I've bought a few devices in the past and unlocked them without thinking about it.
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Might as well say 'many months down the line' again and make it a hat-trick
Do CeX even check if the phone has been unlocked?

I thought they'd just check if the IMEI matches the one they sold you to check it is infact the same phone?
i would assume if they sold the handset as locked and its taken back as unlocked and its barred due to the unlocking they don't have to refund or exchange as u have in a sense broke the seal and modified it. if its their fault for selling it unlocked and it gets barred then they would/should if u have done it yourself even in good faith u are taking it back no in the state it was sold.
They will not have to provide a replacement if it's barred from you trying to unlock it. But, I can't see how they will know that it has been barred from you trying to unlock it. So, I can't see why they will not provide you with a refund/replacement.
never even checked mine when it got barred. they just checked it was barred on checkmend
Doubt they'd check it was unlocked tbh. Or even if they did, I'd go with the, well I've only used it on the network it was bought on. CEX staff aren't very good.

Other month I took a sixaxis ps3 controller, an unlocked htc desire c and a 32gb ipad 1 in to exchange for a Nexus 7. I was given the estimate price which was the same as I worked out when I left the house. Hour later after testing it was considerably lower. The phone I'd been using on O2, they'd marked it down as locked to Three o.O, the iPad they had listed as 16GB even though it clearly said on the back 32GB and I was told the controller was dualshock and he pointed at the writing on it. That I let slide even though I was sure it was the sixaxis one I had. It dawned on me an hour after leaving, the knowledgeable guy had marked it down as a sixaxis and I should have made them check the serial number, bet that wasn't my controller.

Sorry waffle, but to end, if it was barred how would they know if it was unlocked anyway as it would say no service.
Unlocking won't cause the handset to get barred. I just meant will they try and use the fact that it was unlocked to refuse to replace it if it did ever get barred. Unlocking would just involve getting the specific subsidy unlock code to put In when an invalid SIM is inserted into the phone.
If it was barred it would still show a signal, it just wouldn't connect to calls or send/receive SMS. There's a chance they check if the phone has been unlocked if you return it to them as faulty as it might give them an opportunity to refuse an exchange.
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