cex online anybody used them?

    im just wondering if anyone has used cex online, i want to sell my iphone according to their site for a grade a unlocked iphone 8gb 2g version they trade £308 vouchers, and according to their site they sell a b grade iphone 3g 8gb for £335 ,so to me thats £27 to upgrade or will it just not work out as easy as that?


    That is strange looking at it, thought you were wrong at first but obviously not
    Whether it would work though as they might categorise your iPhone as a different one

    Don't forget that you are buying a B grade phone, and selling an A grade one. Don't expect it to be in great condition.

    It's down to luck really. You could get a near perfect b grade item, or you could get one not so good. Do CEX offer any kind of warranty with it so you could return it if it's too banged up?

    B has scratches and stuff and you never really know with CEX!
    Best off trying to get cash from them and then buying a iPhone 3g on PAYG

    i've used them. it can take a couple of weeks to get your vouchers. if you want to use the vouchers to buy online, you need to buy the item you want and you will be charged and the item dispatched. you then need to send the voucher in and they will refund you the voucher amount back to your card. including the time taken to receive the vouchers you could be looking at a month or slightly more for the whole process, depending how busy they are. alternatively you can go into one of their stores and do the trade there and then.

    If your item gets lost in their system, your screwed. I had to wait a year to get £30 quid off them. Don't know what they'll do with an iphone. Best to just go into the shop.

    for big transactions it's best to deal instore then you can see what you are getting
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