cex or eBay? for ipad pro

    hi guys, any help welcomed

    thinking of buying iPad. are CEX's 2 year warranty as good as they seem. trying to decide on CEX over eBay for preowned iPad.

    makes sense surely buying electronics over 3 or 8 months left on original apple warranty


    £11,111 for a ******** iPad.. It'd better be gold !!!!

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    rose gold ;). no just asking for advice on CEX warranties just. thanks

    I think you've answered your own question.

    In reality, do you want to buy from a shop or from a person? Do you want a warranty or not?

    The pros and cons should be fairly obvious I would have thought.

    Vex warranty is very good as long as they don't go bust one day

    Cex warranty is decent if the store are friendly. My local store they try wiggle out of it so bad.. the battery on a phone could die and they would say they can't repair it as case has a scratch

    Cex would give you two year peace of mind

    As above, it varies substantially between CEX stores. Although, most have one thing in common, the higher an items value, the less likely it is they will allow a warranty refund for vouchers/replacement.

    CEX will try and wiggle out of it and in my eyes you would be better off buying from eBay with a square trade warranty, or add applecare to one with a few months warranty remaining.


    Cex would give you two year peace of mind

    if CEX is still going then

    Ebay is better along with a square trade warranty


    if CEX is still going thenEbay is better along with a square trade … if CEX is still going thenEbay is better along with a square trade warranty


    if you buy from ebay, youll still have the remaining warranty (if any) anyway. Just ask when it was originally bought-or first used. Have they the receipt? If you get it, phone Apple up, and theyll tell you when its undet warranty till-if its different to what they told you-return it as "not as advertised or decribed".

    Bought tablets from CEX, pleased both times. I also attempted to sell one to CEX but they found a fault when they tested it and declined. So a good practice.

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    cheers for all info. x

    Hi. Not sure if you made a decision but if helps I just took delivery of an A grade iPad Pro 9.7 32g wifi/3/4g version and it was mint. In original box and all accessories where still in their wrappers. I took a cex voucher for some trade ins and then searched through on line to see what they had. Maybe hit and miss but ended up cheaper than a B grade they had in store

    My advice would be get one on eBay with remaining warranty. Then you can take out Applecare with the money you've saved.
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