Posted 10th Nov 2016
I am looking for some advice regarding CeX price promise when selling to them.

I started an order to sell a game, 'Gears of War 4' on the 27/10/2016. CeX offered to buy this for £36.00 and they confirmed this via an email which also stated "CeX will honour the quoted price of the products for 10 working days from time of order. After that period prices may be subject to change, whereby you will be notified by email."

CeX also provided a label for Royal Mail tracked delivery. I sent the game and it was delivered to them on 05/11/2016

Confirmation here:…0GB

I received an email from CeX on the 7th informing they have lowered the price as the item was received past the 10 days price promise!

I replied the item was received on the 5th as confirmed on the Royal Mails website which is within 10 days and also attached a copy of the original email which stated the price promise was for 10 workings days. In both cases, I was still within the time-frame.

This is their response:

"I can see you order was created on 27th and not received until the 7th this is outside of the 10 day price promise which includes weekends and bank holidays.

Due to the above the the new price can either be accepted or declined."

Their second response:

"I can see the tracking information is showing it was delivered on 5th however we do not get royal mail deliveries on the weekend.

This would have been scanned ready to be delivered with the load on the following monday."

These replies were coming from the same person and they completely ignore the fact about the quoted 10 working days.

Anyone here has any experience with this? Any input will be much appreciated.

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