CEX question

when they say 'we buy for' on the wesbsite
do they give you that amount in real cash
or in some sort of cex voucher form


they should have 2 columns, 1 how much in cash and the other how much for trade.

only trade in prices are vouchers

Beware with large value items though. If they don't really want it they frequently claim they don't have any cash in the tills.

also the 'we buy' and 'trade in' prices aren't garuanteed. When you go to the store they can offer you lower prices.

i think the prices are guaranteed when you do this online - however i know they take ages with their orders and sometimes orders 'go missing' too!

better off trying in store or if you want to do online and want to avoid ebay, try [url]www.tradeyourstuff.co.uk[/url] - seem to be a lot more helpful when ive used them plus they pay slightly more for most games i think
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