CEX question

    Looking at selling a couple of items there tomorrow. I read on the website that all goods are tested before they are valued, are these tested whilst I am there or do I have to go back at another date to get money etc?



    Think then and there, you wouldnt leave your goods there (I would not trust them!)

    if you take them into the shop they will test them there and then depending on how busy they are and ask you to go back in half an hour or something

    if it is a dvd they don't test them dvd players are tested that they can play an entire film on the battery so charge before you go phone time varies as to how many they have to test etc but they give you a receipt for the item to the value of the trade in price

    Depends on what it is and as mentioned how busy they are.

    Longest I ever had to wait was 3 hours.
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