CEX receipt Ink? Anybody else have the problem with their receipt ink?

Found 9th Aug 2014
I have £40 worth of vouchers but the ink is coming off alot and it is really unclear?

Are CEX doing it on purpose?

Anybody else have the same problem?
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Is it ink or is it the burn on receipts that if in moisture or in the sun will fade. They should bring it up with your details.
I doubt they are doing it on purpose, more likely they just went for the cheapest thermal printer manufacturer they could find.
Many retailers do this, thermal prints will fade over time, I had many receipts that I kept for guarantee's, my 10 year guarantee on my Ikea furniture receipt faded over a couple of years, amusement arcade token receipts faded over a year, etc. There was an article that was floating around the web that described exactly this trick of the trade although the retailers will denied that they do such things...best thing to do if you have a expensive/voucher items is to photocopy the receipt as soon as you can, that way you can prove you bought the item in question if you ever need to claim on their warrantee's etc...
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Maybe go into store and see if they can re-issue the voucher or put it away safety in a plastic folder to avoid further damage?

or spend it?
Had a cex receipt last in a draw over 18 months, was fine when I re found it and spent the 16£
Someone did entire that your transactions are saved to your member card (did ask in store but they didn't confirm it).

take the receipt in and ask for a reprint.
I had a PC World recipe that ended up completely blank. It was fun claiming on my insurance with a completely blank receipt lol. On business course they told use to photocopy or scan all of our receipts, because they wouldn't last the 6 years that you are supposed to keep them.
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