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    Basically i bought a xperia x10 from cex less than a year ago,( i think i still have the receipt and the box etc) but the problem is, the micro usb port is faulty, i have to angle it to charge it. It does have a small but deep scratch on it from my keys and theres no sign of dropping it on the phone so will they still let me exchange it for another phone?


    Less than a year ago? Not sure on the exact warranty period with cex but it is only like 90 days or something, so my guess is no they won't exchange it, they might offer u money for it, but as u said it has issues, so might not be much
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    oh, when they sold it to me they said it was 12 months it will be pretty annoying if they do that...

    CEX offer 12 months warranty:…php

    You'd be best off contacting them to find out where you stand, although there's every chance they wont bother to reply! Have you got a store locally?

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    well the store i bought it from is in solihull, birmigham but currently im living in hull so i cant really return it just yet, im going back during the easter break so hopefully I can get it sorted then. I would return it here but the receipt, box etc is in birmingham too.

    Good luck with that. If you get no joy from CEX you can get around £150 by selling it to 'phone recycle bank'

    Don't forget quidco!
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