CEX - Sell for cash or voucher?? Need your opinion

Found 16th Sep 2008
Hi people, just a quick question.

I'm selling my n95 8gb and i've been to cex to ask about it. They said its Grade B because it has a small mark on the battery release button due to the vibration (I dont complain about it) and its also unlocked + all cables boxes etc etc.

They're offering either 158 cash or a 212 voucher. Do you think that its worth getting the voucher instead and selling it here?? Any idea of how much i should be looking to get by selling it here?? If anyone wants to make an offer that is worth it, i can go on and do it as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time and for your advice (hopefully)
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sell it on here! someone will buy it in the for sale section
Do not get a CEX voucher. Rumour is they are about to go bust which would then make all credit vouchers worthless. Sell on here, sell on ebay, sell for cash, just stay clear of CEX vouchers.
sell on ebay or go for cash.. but dont sell here, you get alot of time wasters here.
Id go for the cash
I would sell it either on ebay or here no way for the vouchers
where did you get the phone from?
id say you would easily get £170.00
Ebay & you'll be looking at a stack of timewasters....
Here & everyone wants everything for nowt...
CEX voucher, little point unless they definately have something you want. Take a look at the selling prices & they're rarely very competative.....don't worry too much about the "going under" rumours, the main company has had trouble but has been soldiering on for months & the branches in a lot of towns are franchises & operate independently.

I'd compare going price on Ebay (& keep it UK only - Special delivery) against relatively hassle free CEX 'cash', but only if that's instore...if you send to their mail-order dept they seem to take FOREVER to pay out.
They dont seem to want to give any cash out recently
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