Cex selling question..

    I am thinking about selling a phone to cex. Do they need the box for grade B/Good condition?


    Yes you do


    Go instore if you can - I sent a mint phone off to them and they branded it as C due to a large scratch across the screen 'APPARANTLY' - still got £7 more than I paid for it though so I wasnt TOO fussed, but just never let it out of sight if you can help it

    Unless of course its sealed in which case online is better IMO

    Doubt it, I had 2 phones, both fully boxed with all accessories and in near mint condition yet they gave me a C grade price for both!

    I have never know CEX offer grade A price - they always find something.

    They will always try to grade it as C by default - just walk away and try again

    as above - never sell by post - it will always be grade C

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