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    Could someone please let me know the process with regards to trading in games etc. Do I need to sell on line or can I just take my games to a store without prior notice?


    you need no notice, just take in.

    Yep, check prices for tradeins online and then take them to the store, get a membership card (free and easy) and get the value shown on their website.. bear in mind most stores don't carry much cash though so you may only be offered credit notes for use at cex..

    dont send them in from online people havent been getting the cash not sre if its chnged now but that was the lastest i heard

    I've sent a game in to CEX, but you have to pay the postage yourself
    No problems otherwise though!

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    Thanks for all your replies, its appreciated as I need to make a 40 mile round trip.

    Merry Christmas
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