cex trade in limit ?

Posted 28th Jul 2011
How many of the same game/dvd's is it possible to trade in at one time at cex ?
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Not too sure but pulled this from their T&C's:

Selling to CeX

CeX Ltd and their associates reserve the right to refuse to purchase any items at their sole discretion. CeX Ltd and their associates reserve the right to limit the number of purchases that are honoured to any customer at their sole discretion.

Please ensure that you are the legal owner of the goods you wish to sell, as ownership will be transferred to CeX Ltd upon receipt of order.

Your obligation is to dispatch goods you are selling to CeX in a timely manner.

All items bought by Webuy.com are made pursuant to a shipment contract. Prior to Webuy.com receiving such items, the risk of loss and title for such items remains with you until Webuy.com receives such items. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items passes to us upon delivery from the carrier.

You must ensure that all parts of your order are sent at the same time. Should we receive only part of your order, we will cancel items that have not been received, and process the items we have received. CeX will not take responsibility for incomplete orders.

CeX issues payment to the details the customer provides to us, and as such cannot be held responsible should your payment not reach the customer due to being supplied with incorrect details.

Please note value we offer for your items may be reduced upon receipt depending on their condition. We may also reduce the price if the quantity being sold by a customer exceeds five [5] units within a period of one [1] month.

In the event that your phone does not meet our grading criteria for "mint", "good" or "poor" conditions, we will regrade your item to "non-working".

Your goods must be received by CeX Ltd at the designated location within five [5] working days of your order being placed. Quoted prices may vary or orders may be cancelled if goods are not received within this period.

Please note that prices quoted on our website are subject to change without notice.
Instore and online I have traded in 3 sealed copies of the same game. Instore they asked to see proof of purchase and online no problems just sent the games and less than a week later received a cheque. Taking in 3 sealed copies of the same game today as I have a receipt should not have any problems.
5, Used to be 9, but they can just tell you they don't have cash.

If you sell online you can still take instore, and they will honour the online price as long as it's within two weeks of the sell to cex date.

Hope that helps people.
To be honest I never trade to CEX anymore I get Gamestation to match (or better by £1 if for exchange).

Asked Gamestation a while back if there was any problems trading in multiples of a game etc and they said none at all. Dunno if they have an overall limit but have seen people trade in more than 10 games in one go before. Was stood behind them wishing I had got to the desk first.
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