cex trade in question (again:))

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Found 10th Apr 2010
im trading in a phone and it has its box and everything so if i bring the box would i get more cash for it?

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I would think so

If its in mint condition then yes.

Is it that 6300 from yesterday?
Look for prices there, and read the Grade requirments

yes you would as they mark some things "Unboxed" for cheaper

If is in good condition you should aim to get grade B. They are very fussy to give A grade. Without the box normally means grade C or less. :thumbsup:

If case has alot of scratches on it like my SE k550i which had lost alot of silver edging around the screen and general wear then they can refuse to test it. I just put a new case on it for £6 from the market using some Torx screwdrivers from the 99p Store and got it at Grade B money :thumbsup:
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