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Cex grading - Explaining the meaning of unlocked A,B and C

CeX buys, sells and exchanges a range of new and second-hand products, including mobile phones, computers, consoles and more. It’s developed its own grading system to evaluate the product it sells, so you can quickly see the condition of the product you’re buying. The grading is made with respect to the cosmetic condition and functionality of the gadget, as well as the accessories included with it. This system can be a bit confusing if you’ve never bought from Cex before, so we’ve made this short guide to explaining what these grades mean.

What does Unlocked A mean

If a product is marked as ‘Unlocked A’, this means the product is in mint or new condition. You’ll get it with all accessories in an original box. These can be brand new products that someone simply didn’t want or barely used products that might as well be new due to the conditions they’re in.

What does Unlocked B mean

If you’re buying something that’s marked as Unlocked B, you can expect to find it in good condition with all essential accessories included. However, it may not come in a box. The product should have a relatively good cosmetic condition, but may have a few scratches.

What does Unlocked C mean

If something has been marked Unlocked C, then this means that while the product is still working, it’s not in the best physical condition. You can expect there to be extensive scratching and other physical blemishes. None of the essential components (like the screen on a phone) will be broken, however. It may or may not come in its original packaging. You can still use the product as normal and all essential accessories will be included.