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Found 2nd Jun 2014
So I was thinking of trading some goods into Cex and then getting the vouchers amount as its a little higher than cash.
I was wondering if I could then sell the vouchers here in trade/sale forum, as they would be in my name would that create a problem or can anyone just use the vouchers ?

Cos on their website they say "Get paid more for your items with a CeX Voucher which you can exchange for any of our items for sale. You will be emailed the eVoucher once your order has been received and processed."
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I still have mine since a year ago !!
they sell quick on here too.
I have £54 so how much can I trade it for.
It's usually of the order of 10%+ off the face value, so may make more sense to just get cash, they can be sold on the site as they often come up. eg here

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All they'll ask at cex is your name and address/postcode if you use the voucher. So really anyone can use it.

Cex has the worst staff in sense of doing a job correctly.
You are meant to check I.D before a cash sale, I was given cash when trading items in and wasn't asked if I wanted the amount in cash or credit. Didn't hear a word from the member of staff and was handed a receipt to sign then £64.
Had to correct it as I wanted a voucher to trade up to something.

So you could get a lazy staff who just accepts a voucher or one who will give you a few basic questions (name, address and email etc).
But if the items are worth something of cex. More likely or not they'd sell better or just as good on ebay. Which is straight cash. But if it's a bunch of old games that adds up to a good amount. I'd cex it instead of the hassle of unloading old titles etc.

In sort cex rip you off, but if you are looking for a quick no hassle sell and don't mind losing 10-20% of what you can make cex is the place
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