Cex vs Music magpie for refurb / 2nd hand phones. One better than the other?

Posted 26th Dec 2021 (Posted 16 h, 49 m ago)
I'm looking to buy a refurb samsung galaxy s10. music magpie are around £280 for very good condition with 12 month warranty, cex are around £210 for B grade with 24 month warranty.

i dont know if im missing something but i cant figure out why cex are so cheap and give twice the warranty. it looks like music magpies price is good against other sellers so it makes me think could the B grade phones be at the lower end of the B grade bracket?
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    I would recommend 4Gadgets or Smartfone store.

    Bought from both of them previously and the condition of their handsets are as described if not better.
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    For me the difference between CEX & Music Magpie is the fact that I can walk into a CEX store. Although to be fair it doesn't really make a difference. I've bought from both and I have had more hassle returning to CEX. Always a job's worth in CEX that does the old sucking in of breath and tut sounds to make them seem important when returning a phone (the idiot didn't even know how to find the serial number!). With Music Magpie I had to return an Xbox One and the only hassle was repacking and taking it to the post office.
    Oh and I got a short order from CEX and they asked me to return the item I didn't receive!?
    I also just got this email from them:
    Unfortunately, we were unable to source the item you had ordered, as this item is no longer in stock. As such we have been unable to complete your order.
    You can be assured that you have not been charged for this item, but please note that the funds may have been allocated by your bank (the bank should make these funds available to you again in roughly 10 working days).
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    cheapest_electrical on eBay. They are often one of the retailers included in 20% off events that crop up.
    Bought 3 x iPhones, all B rated, all pristine condition, boxed with original accessories and between 7 -11 months Apple warranty still left.


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    With 4Gadgets I only see Out of stock and Smartfone seems more expensive than the others, but hey it's good to know there are alternatives - thanks HappyShopper!
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    I've never had any luck buying a 2nd hand phone from any of these stores. To be fair to them they both accepted returns with no issue. Poorly battery life, WiFi not working on a P9, GPS issues on another phone. In the end I just bought new as it was less hassle.
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    I'd personally go for CEX over Music Magpie because of the physical stores and the extended 24 month warranty. I have in the past been sold a phone from CEX that was blocked from accessing all networks. Went to a different CEX store to exchange it and had absolutely no hassle at all (they even gave me the same model with a larger storage capacity at no extra cost).
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    It’s a old phone and both grades will be equal
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    Both can be hit and miss in my experience.
    Most grade B's are fine from CEX and mich easier to return in store, they give you 14 days too so plenty of time to check out the phone.
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