CEX Warranty Isnt Worth A Sausage (Or Am I Getting Screwed?)

Posted 15th Jan 2016
Afternoon All,

I thought CEX extending their warranty to 2 years was a nice touch – but until today, ive never had to return anything under warranty.

I bought a laptop (£190) just under a year ago and the network card has failed as well as the hard drive (multiple times). So returned it under the warranty.

I received a refund of “Current Value” £110. So its cost me £80?

Surely that’s not a warranty then!? Ive effectively just traded in a broken laptop (that they sold me) and got a slightly better trade in rate!?

Can this be right – or am I being bent over?

Would their ‘WeBuy’ email address even bother to replying to a question like this?
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