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Cex, what is a non-working phone in their terms?

Posted 21st Aug 2014
I see they pay £90 for a non-working iPhone 5C. What does this exactly mean.

Does the phone have to come with anything? does it have to turn on?

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Condition of items
We will charge you more depending on the condition of our products. For electronic items, mobile phones and consoles, we break this down into four grades:

Mint - Working phone in as new/mint condition. Complete with original box and accessories as sold new.

Good [and Discounted] - Working phone in good condition with slight cosmetic blemishes. Charger supplied. If the phone includes a music player/radio then it is supplied with headphones. If the phone has PDA functionality a sync cable and/or docking cradle is supplied. Missing original packaging.

Poor [and Budget] - Working phone in poor cosmetic condition. Original or 3rd party charger supplied but missing accessories and original packaging.

Non-working - We buy non-working phones. Non-working phones must be intact, not crushed or snapped in half. Non-working examples: dead, cracked, broken/bleeding LCD (screen), not powering up, speaker/mic faults, broken aerial, etc. Accessories are not required. We do not sell non-working phones. Non-working phones are either repaired, stripped for parts to repair other phones or recycled into base materials to be used again. Nothing goes to landfill.

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