CH4 - Dispatches: Britains Bad Housing

    Interesting prog to watch, should you want to download it: Dispatches.Britains.Bad.Housing.WS.PDTV.XviD-REMAX
    Or spend a few minutes reading my rant:

    Made a few interesting points as to what's happening to housing in the UK if not as comprehensive or detailed as I would of liked:

    a) Property development companies paying local political parties, donations, from £1300 - £10,000 2-6 weeks, just before their planning permission applications are presented to the local council and local councillors belonging to the parties receiving those donations neglecting to declare there is any conflict of interest in that. Ultimately the law seems says there was no direct self benefit from the donation so there was nothing illegal about it but sometimes that donation can present 20% of of a local council parties election funding. Obviously the party benefiting hugely from such a donation, so not cash for honours but cash for preferential planning permission

    b) Development companies bypassing local inspection laws by cosying up to the independent inspectors who are supposedly non-profit organisations but give the green thumbs up to very poorly built homes and show no real accountability when proven complaints are shown to them of homes which should not have passed inspection in the 1st place. The developers send builders when there is enough pressure to do so and even then never really fix the problem

    c) Landmark perfect homes and flat apartments shown as premier examples of homes have nice design have fundamental flaws like very poorly built floors every noise seeps though, doors that are unseemly and do not close correctly etc. Presscott championing £60,000 example cheap good house which were then sold in Yorkshire for £225k and seemingly nowhere else.

    d) New laws were to be passed, making every residential estate project include mandatory affordable housing. But the penalising and punishing clauses which were to be included for developing firms that didn't do this were completely scrapped, making sure all the houses they built could be sold for max profit.

    e) Land banks, if anyone who has seen Blood Diamond they'll understand this tactic. Hording potential residential space to maintain the scarcity in homes, so that demand contines to outdo supply very nicely indeed so that house prices stay high giving developers fat profits, the law and corrupt and lazy councils are basically massively lenient to companies who do nothing with land they have permission to build on, for years on end. Higher stamp duty tiers no doubt please the Gov.

    f) Local councils interested in sparking new development, for the hypocritical donations, for the council tax income, for the political coverage of nice new housing. Are trying declaring areas, entire blocks, as unhabitable ground with a variety of excuses, despite having perfectly sound and good housing already in place. Mostly as the blocks the developers are interested in face a feature they want, a park, sea view, river view, something marketable basically for the area to help push up prices for cheap badly built homes. Councils along with developers trying to dupe the residents in their area with studies and inspections which point in the direction of their agenda with the cleverer local communities commissioning their own independent surveys trumping the councils and developers rubbish who do not care about ruining the homes of dozens of people and forcecily displacing people for profit and politics.

    Previous experiences in house hunting, with friends, in their late 20's, struggling to buy homes, which end up as being small tiny pigeon holes, other peoples nightmares, badly built seem to indicate one, luddite, grumpy old man feeling in me:
    Any home built in the 1980's/1990's/2000 noughties isn't worth the paper the deed/lease is printed on and makes me very glad I'm in a nice tough 1930's home.

    Today's Lesson:


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    I'll just cry in the corner...

    Anyone see the immigrants program that was on recently aswell?, Immigrants living in sheds etc?, Was based in Slough (Where there has been mass immigration for years!, But they think the numbers are going down!?!?)

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    That Panorama thing was another BBC fear mongering bull****

    Makes you wonder why they feel the need to show such an extreme version of the situation, sad really what the bbc has become.


    That Panorama thing was another BBC fear mongering bull****Makes you … That Panorama thing was another BBC fear mongering bull****Makes you wonder why they feel the need to show such an extreme version of the situation, sad really what the bbc has become.

    Its not bullshit, You go down there and thats exactly how it is, Its been getting worse for years, I used to live not far away from there.

    Anyways, For anyone wondering what i'm talking about :…stm

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    Sorry but after that wifi rubbish I give Panorama very little credit.

    I realise dispatches is hardly great either but it's improved and that was a good programme.

    I'm sure the UK has pockets of immigration problems, but to highlight it way out of proportion the way the BBC did I find pretty grotesque.

    Well the only thing that annoyed me was they only went to one place, The immigration problem isn't just there.

    I'd agree to an extent that Panorama in general do blow things out of proportion, But as i've been there and seen it happening, That was more or less true.

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    Immigration ISN'T a problem for most places

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