chad vader - day shift manager…NiM episode 1…qBg episode 2



    this made me laugh for ages, cant wait for ep 3

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    finally..........]episode 3

    Hehe Just watched a tiny bit of the first and I'm going to find the time later to go through these Very good! Thanks...

    They were excellent.... Thanks!

    "I feel a disturbance in the store..."

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    chad vader now has it's own official home ]here

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    ]episode 4 now available or check it out at the ]official site

    Just got round to watching Chad Vader episode 4 Thanks! They're making ep 5 !!!

    Oh I forgot about this :roll: Must check back later ;-)

    watched them all, i liked the idea but didn't particularly find it that funny. still, fairly good.

    I've seen most of these before, and they're quite funny.

    However, in my opinion, this is probably the funniest Star Wars/Darth Vader spoof I've seen on the interenet.
    Basically, it's lots of clips from Star Wars with scenes featuring Darth Vader.
    Star Wars buffs will know that Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones.

    Here, all of Vaders lines have been overdubbed with speech from other James Earl Jones films.
    So, the voice still sounds correct but he's saying completely different and non-sensical stuff (the theme is that he's had a nervous breakdown and gone a bit loopy).

    Very funny (at least I thought so !) :


    P.S. I should probably mention that it contains one (very muffled and barely audible) use of the "f" word, for anyone who might find that offensive.
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