Chair Back Massager

    Anyone know where I can get a cheap back massager that fits on a chair ? My sister is having back pains and thought I might treat her.

    I've seen one online for £19.99 but would ideally like to go out to buy one to get it much quicker...i.e tomorrow (Weds). I don't really have the funds for the good Shiatsu ones at the moment !


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    I have a friend who does sports massage and I have ongoing back pain. My opinion of these chair massagers is - dont bother. They do nothing for me - not even the more expensive ones. If you want to treat her how about seeing if you can still get Aero easter eggs in your area. I bought a couple the other day for £2 ish and they have a pamper voucher for massage sessions. alternatively - spend your money on a gift certificate for a actual practitioner. Your local college may well do courses and have a beauty salon with treatments at a reduced price for the students to gain experience - the best thing with this is that they are supervised so much less chance of them doing anything wrong!
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