Champ man 2010 or Football manager 2010

Found 20th Aug 2009
not a clue which one to get lol, spotted the CM10 deal so im downloading the demo to see if its any good but i reckon i will be sticking with FM

what bout you guys??


Personally i felt that last years FM wasn't that good, and i don't really like the look of this years game. Although there are a couple of things i quite like on CM10. Will have to wait and see what the FM demo is like.
I suspect i'll stick to FM.

No Question FM

both love both FM and CM cant wait to buy them

Football manager by far! since the 4 broke away the brothers that make fm are continually getting better imo

Football Manager for sure. FM2009 was buggy, but once the 9.3.0 patch was released, it's been as enjoyable as any previous releases for me. Championship Manager has offered nothing that has wanted me to go back and after trying this year's demo, I can't see myself buying it, even at the budget price. The set-piece creator bug is hilarious, but I know it will be fixed and I'm not judging in on that.

Football Manager is far from perfect and has many annoying features that need ironing out, i.e. the press conferences. I get sick of beating asked if I am confident of winning the FA cup with a League 2 team after being a Conference team in the first round.

Still, Football Manager is still incredible, despite the fact it hasn't changed much over the years. Or at least that's my opinion.

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i just started the CM10 demo and it is absolutely terriberle, my first fault with it is the colours are soo bright it hurts my eyes, secondly, i went liverpool, who we all know are cash strapped atm and the money they have spent has come from selling players, care to guess what their transfer budget is in the fame £53 million!!!!!!!! and the transfer system is useless anyteam will respons to any enquiry from what i can see and they usually only ask for a few million more than they are worth so i just signed de rossi for 20 mil and totti for 7 mil WTF is that about and i still have nealy 30 mil left, gonna probe it a bit more now and most likely find more things tht outrage me

my first impression is tht it was made for kids
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