Champagne - where can i get it from???

Looking to get between 20 and 30 bottles of the stuff. Don't want to spend a fortune for Bollinger type stuff, just good tasting at a good price - something like Moet or Veuve Clicquot.

Does anybody have any suggestions other than Tesco/ASDA/Sainsbury's?

Thanks in advance and Rep in retrospect!!!!!!!


don't know if offer has stopped with the 25% of at sainsburys but bottles of lanson black at £13 ish

Aldi or Lidl


they are doing several deals on champagne, but a really good deal is the Canard Duchene charles VII down from 39.99 to 19.99 if you buy more than 2 bottles. This is a really good deluxe version with a really fine mousse. I got some extra to lay down for Xmas. it is not heavy like Bolly, but more along the lines of cliquot or Perrier jouet.

you can even get decent quidco and have it delivered to avoid a trip.


also on sale at M& S at the moment

what about Costco? Somewhere like that?
You getting married?

Original Poster


what about Costco? Somewhere like that?You getting married?

not me - i got married a few years ago.
it's my mate's wedding in a few months and i'm buying the champers!
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