Champions League Final is taking place in Cardiff this year, did you know?…al/

    news to me - & I take a keen interest!

    tickets on sale now

    I guess it'll be Leicester vs some Spanish team



    Was just going to book but saw the price!

    yeah knew before the tournament began lol

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    Eating and drinking
    Aside from 'Chippy Lane' (the locals' name for Caroline Street in the city centre, which is dominated by fast-food outlets), Cardiff has something for everyone.
    Traditional dishes such as cawl (a type of stew) and Welsh rarebit (a version of melted cheese on toast) are generally harder to find in the city centre; the locals are a cosmopolitan bunch who are as likely to be found eating Chinese, Indian or Italian. However, look out for local sausages, Welsh lamb or Welsh cakes. Local bitter is the most popular evening drink and is generally served in pints (568ml).

    Right. Do the innocent Germans & Spanish coming in their thousands know about the Cardiff girls? They hunt in packs.

    And do you know euro 2020 finals and semi finals are at Wembley????

    Well it needs to be put to some use. Didn't the welsh national football team stop playing there years ago due to it being too big with too many empty seats?.

    A stadium worthy of a final though.
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