Championship Manager 97-98! Help needed installing!

Posted 22nd Mar 2011
I've just found my old Championship Manager 97-98 PC game and fancy giving it a go.

I wouldn't like to think of the amount of time I spent playing this game in my younger days. And if anybody else has had this game then they will know what I'm talking about!

Problem is it doesn't seem to want to install on my Windows Vista laptop. It keeps coming up with a message saying...

This system does not support fullscreen mode.

Is there anyway around this?

If not, is there anyway I can somehow download a copy from somewhere?

Any help would be really helpful!

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why does so many people still play this version?? the gameplay better?
It was the pinnacle of this game. Nowadays the flashing on the screen is likely to send you blind but it seemed more random and less predicable somehow. They kept adding more 2d graphics which I never liked and more useless stuff like team talks but 97/98 had the perfect balance of depth without being complicated.
Was this the one where Danny Murphy was at Crewe?? And used to get about 70assists a season???? If so i had a game with Man City and Uwe Rosler scored over 150 goals in a season. I bought the first Championship Manager 2 off ebay a few months back and they havent aged very well at all. I loved CM4. But it was riddled with bugs. Could have been great though.
I would recommend CM 2001/2002 from here
It's available free and legal, and you can download the update to update the squads to this years transfer window.
Thanks for all the help guys.

I tried the first solution in the first link but it seems you have to run it in a seperate box which is a lot smaller.

Also you have to mount different drive to enable it to run from the CD drive. Hard work.

Must be an easier way?
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