Chances of PS4 VR being on sale Black Friday??

    I daughter wants one for Xmas but the price still shocks me. Do anyone know or guess if the PS4 VR unit will be coming in Black Fridays sale? Probably hopeful thinking more than a reality. Ta


    Yeah it's possible, but then again it might not be.

    I'd say if it did it would be incredibly hard to get hold of in reality. I think the later you leave it the better deal you will get on it.

    Not a chance it'll have a big discount as it's a new/premium product, you may find it available on 10% off in places if they have stock. It's been ~£330 in Tesco and pcworld a few times but stock is hard to find and gradually getting harder as we get closer to xmas.

    Highly unlikely, Its a new release and sold out everywhere.

    Best way i recommend is to buy it now and hold onto the recipe. and refund it if you see a black Friday deal.
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