Chanel Chance - Eau de Parfume (Perfume Wanted!)

Found 29th Oct 2008
Hi all

I'm after a big bottle of Chanel Chance - Eau de Parfume for the other half (not the Eau de Toilette or whatever it is!)

She gets through it like anything, so I'm after the biggest bottle possible which I think would be 100ml?

If it was a good deal on the 50ml, then I'd probably buy that instead.

So...can anyone help save me some pennies? The only place I've bought it from in the past is Boots.
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extrascents.com/cha…ce/ this site has the 100ml eau de parfum at £69.19 currently OOS but can sign up for email alert when they do have it HTH
I love, love, love Chanel Chance. I really recommend the pure parfum, if she can get it on ebay get a tester bottle, that way you'll save money and it guarantees it's real and not a fake. It lasts longer and you don't have to use as much.

Not really suitable as a gift though!
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