Chanel No5 perfume.

Found 3rd Aug 2010
It's my wife's birthday soon and I have had a request of Chanel No5 as a suitable gift. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful opinions on the matter?

Firstly I'm not sure whether to get Parfum or Eau Premiere, my inclination would be to get the Eau, but how different does it smell compared to the Parfum?

Secondly where's cheapest to buy the genuine product? I will avoid Ebay sellers and prefer to buy instore somewhere. Do the big supermarkets still sell top brand perfumes cheap or should I just go to Boots?

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Hiya i couldnt let your post go unanswered. I love Chanel No5. I tend to go for the Eau as I like to use lots and the Parfum probably wouldnt last 5 mins! So would your wife use it sparingly or not? I havent had the parfum for a long time but find the EDT smells fine.
I find the prices vary very little between stores but got my last bottle in Debenhams when they had a 15% off day across all departments. I also got lots of additional Chanel freebies in Debenhams. Ive also bought in Boots but many of the smaller branches dont stock it and it has to be ordered in. However, with my last Boots purchase I didnt get any freebies at all although the assistant did wrap it beautifully with Chanel paper and ribbon.
Thanks for your helpful reply, I think I will get the Eau as I think probably you get about the same amount of scent for a similar amount of money as the perfume but in a less concentrated form.

It does seem Chanel are very tight on who they will let sell their products and so very little competition on price out there. Off to Boots I go! Thanks
Well I normally purchase Chanel No.5 for my mother. Firstly Eau Premiere is a lighter, delicate version of the standard Chanel No.5 and was released last year. It is not the Eau de Toilette version. Chanel No.5 comes in different concentrations - Eau de Toilette (weakest, upto 15 percent), Eau de Parfam (Medium 10-20 percent) and Parfum (Strongest, 15 to 40 percent and highly expensive). Usually if i do purchase Chanel No.5 Fragrance it's normally the Eau de Parfam, as it's stronger and last longer than the Eau de Toilette, but it's more expensive. Another alternative is Chanel No.5 Elixir Sensual (costs around £55), which my mother wears instead of the fragrance, as it last longer, and has a slightly softer smell than the Eau De Parfam due to it's gelatinous appearance and texture.

Concerning where to buy the fragrance I normally wait (not in this case) until there are triple points offers at Boots and then purchase it on the internet. Otherwise Like LJM stated buy from Debenham when there was the 15 percent off offer.
Thanks Nemesiz for another very useful piece of advice. The Eau de Parfum does seem to be the way to go. I'm going to Boots tomorrow and that's what I will buy Cheers!
Bought a bottle of Eau de Parfum in Boots and gave it to my wife today She is a very happy bunny, thanks all.

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