Change address on NHS

    Anyone know what I'd need to do to change my address with the NHS?


    notify your GP....

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    They are useless, last time i moved I had to tell them 6 times before they got it right. Is there any other way like a letter I can send somewhere?

    I dont know, try the NHS website...good luck.

    Most people have a NHS Medical card with a number on it and its got down the GP your registered with,I've got one and I know my children were issued with 1,I thought if you send off that card or hand it in at your doctors surgery it cna get sent off and you get a new 1 with your address on.That is your card that you entitled to NHS treatment although you never seem to get asked for it.

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    Thanks but I don't have an NHS card.

    Thought there'd be a number I could call or sometinh on website i could fill in?

    NHS cards are obsolete, no longer used for NHS purposes. Go or write to the surgery with you new address. Then call them up a few days later to check they have done it. is there a problem why you can't call the surgery, afternoons are sometime quieter

    Does the new address take you out of that GP's area, the surgery will tell you - if that is the case

    If you are under any hospital treatment, notify them at your next visit. There are no websites or online facility for any of this...maybe one day
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