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Found 4th Dec 2017
I'm currently with BT for my phone and broadband but this contract ends 11th December and I'm going to change to Sky. Does anyone know if I can sign up with them now (via Internet)or I have to wait until 11th?
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sign up with them now so they can do their install before your contract with bt finishes.
I also hope you've given bt your 30 day notice.
Like most people I don't care if im left without a working landline but being without internet is a pain.
speak to your new provider, Sky or whoever you choose to go with. Once you have agreed a good deal tell them your contract end date with BT and the new provider will inform BT you are leaving and deal with the switchover.
If you are in contract with BT until 11th then you could of looked a switching 30 days before then. You should just choose a new provider online and they will start the switching process ASAP. I just started the switching process with sky yesterday. My provider decided they were putting up the contract after two months service.
BT will let you extend your current price for 18 months, no matter what the deal is.
Don't forget to switch via a cashback site. I got £50 for switching from Plusnet to John Lewis. Who runs John Lewis broadband? Plusnet!
I’ve recently switched from bt to sky because of the price rise, bt sent me an email about sending their kit back, if I don’t will I get charged for it?
The email wasn’t very clear on this, has anyone else been through this?
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