Change large dollar notes into smaller ones?

    Anyone know a place that will change me some $100 notes into 1's , 5's and 10's.?
    Asked in change places but they only wanted to get me to cash it back into sterling.
    Going on hols AI to Mexico and need small notes for tips


    Highly unlikely for money laundering purposes. It's their necks on the line if it were laundered, not saying it is, just pointing out their perspective.

    Bureau de change might do one or two if you spread it across branches but highstreet branhces do talk to each other so don't go crazy. I would also suspect they would want you to pay a fee for doing so as well.
    Failing that, do it at the airport, they will change anything

    shredder ???lol

    why not wait till u goto mexico and just ask for change there?

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    Thanks for replies, its only 2 or 3 notes large notes I wanted to change so don't think
    money laundering would be a problem!
    Will try airport, failing that either try and buy something small with them or
    not tip the hotel staff!
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