Change PS Plus May 2020 - Online petition

Posted 4th May
There is a petition to get Sony to change the May 2020 PS Plus games. Get siging guys!…tnZ
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People really make a petition for anything
Edited by: "jamie15" 4th May
People really make a petition for anything
Edited by: "jamie15" 4th May
it's already up on here. Plus the games go live tomorrow.
jamie1504/05/2020 22:59

People really make a petition for anything

it really is ridiculous

even more so this one

if the games get changed, I’ll give the creator of the petition 10 English pounds

I wait for the petition about that
Is it June yet?
It's been up for a few days now, but this is frankly getting ridiculous and more than a little pathetic.
"Do it for the NHS"....really?!
“Some rip-off of some city”. Very harsh on Cities:Skylines there! It’s better than any Sim City game I ever played. This petition is ridiculous, people getting riled up because they didn’t get the games that someone blagged were going to be on PS Plus.
Johnmcl705/05/2020 03:39

"Do it for the NHS"....really?!

Algorithm manipulation to make more people see the petition?
Personally I thought the new games for this month were good. I’m about to download both. Can’t beat a bit of farming and I only have the 2017 version at minute.
To be honest with the impending collapse of the global economy a farming simulator is well timed
Meh. The games are good. We’ve had far worse ones in the past.

The real lesson here is stop getting your hopes up based on a rumour and treating it as a fact each month. Wait until Sony confirm the games.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my field needs ploughing.
getting your panties in bunch over this months games. 1 do not believe rumours and you won’t be disappointed 2. Do it for the NHS is a pathetic line 3. Grow up....ooohaaaarrrrr time to farm
"After the much anticipated leak surrounding Dark souls remastered and Dying light"

If it was wrong, it wasn't a leak, was it? Just rumour and speculation. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Question sources. Just this morning I read an article that emphatically declared Breaking Bad Season 6 was confirmed based on "leaks" - do you think that's true? (It isn't.)

"1,000's of playstation enthusiasts were pumped and hyped"

Oh, pumped AND hyped! Sorry, I thought they were just pumped. This changes everything. /s

"looking forward to the best PS Plus lineup in a long time"

Well this is always subjective because different people like different games, but so far this year we've had the four main Uncharted games, all three BioShock games, The Sims 4, Shadow of the Colossus and Dirt Rally 2.0. Pretty great line-ups there.

"only to be left dumbfounded and forlorn"

We're in the middle of a pandemic, seeing something that hasn't been seen for 100 years, and never on this scale, and THIS is what's left you dumbfounded and forlorn? Get some perspective.

"with what seems like a late April fool's joke in the form of Farming simulator 19"

It's not my kind of game but it's got solid 9/10 reviews and it seems like it's the exact sort of game that people are turning to during a pandemic - there's a reason Animal Crossing has tapped into the zeitgeist so well.

"and some rip-off of sim city."

HOW. DARE. YOU. First of all, it's okay to have more than one game of the same type - ever noticed how many "Doom rip-offs" there are? Secondly, when was the last time Sim City was good? Sim City 4 maybe? That was 17 years ago. SimCity (2013) was atrocious. Do people not remember the backlash? How it was always online for no good reason? And that made it unplayable because it couldn't even connect to the servers it "required"? It was so broken and EA never even bothered fixing it - just disabled features that weren't working. And you were limited to a city size of 4km2 - Cities: Skylines is 36km2! And there's far more you can do in it. Sim City wishes it was Cities: Skylines.

"Please join us and make the change."


"Do it for the NHS"

Why does the NHS need Dark Souls Remastered and/or Dying Light? NHS workers are probably too busy to play video games right now - they're essential workers, they're not stuck at home like the rest of us. And if they do want to play games they've got all those other PS Plus games from earlier this year to get through, plus they can get free games from the Games for Carers website.

"do it for all those suffering in isolation"

Again, get some perspective. No one is suffering in isolation, at least not in a way that these specific video games would help. The real sufferers are the ones in hospital.

"Do it for the gamers!"

If by "gamers" you mean "entitled asshats" then no.

"Until then PSPlus subscribers will be forced to continue feeling let down"

"forced" lol
The most self entitled, pointless and stupid petition this year.
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