Change Ticketfast Tickets to Real Tickets?

Found 17th Sep 2008
Hey all,
I recently bought tickets off fleabay for a concert in october. The seller has now told me that they don't have proper tickets- just a ticketfast printout from ticketmaster. I know the booking is real because they sent me the reference (which I checked on the automated phoneline). I'm just wondering whether you can change this printout for proper tickets?
Rep for any help!!
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I wouldn't worry, the Tickefast tickets are all you need - they are genuine tickets. I'm not sure they would print off another set of "proper" tickets as Ticketfast is the method chosen by the person who bought them. I think they would only consider changing the tickets if you/the seller claimed the Ticketfast was stolen or lost - and even then, you can just print off another copy.
I think it's more hassle than its worth because it would involve cancelling the original barcode and issuing a new one - don't risk not getting to your gig!
What would happen if someone printed out lots of (the same) tickets and sold them though? Better get there early just in case :giggle:
Yeah, that could happen I suppose - but I would make a claim against the seller via Paypal if the seller didn't do a full refund.
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