Change to conditions for BT Broadband

    Just got this by email.

    We've made some changes to your BT Total Broadband terms and conditions

    These changes relate to a small charge that may be levied, under certain circumstances only, if you choose to cancel your BT Total Broadband contract. The changes will take effect on 2nd December 2008 and you can review them using the link below - please go to 'Price terms' then paragraph 8 of the 'BT Total Broadband' section.

    From link below:
    When you end your broadband service outside your minimum period and do not request and use a migration access code to move to another service provider, you will have to pay a cease charge of £18.51 (from 2nd December 2008). You will not have to pay this charge in the event you are moving home and we are unable to provide the service at the new address.


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    [quote=Liddle ol' me;3339030]Details here too…ote]

    Didn't even think to search this one. Wonder why mine only just came through! Thanks. Have expired.
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