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Changing a light switch - what if I re wire it wrong?

Posted 15th Nov 2008
I've got a faulty dimmer switch which needs replacing, and I'm replacing it with a standard switch.
All went fine until I took the switch off!!
There are 2 red wires, and there should be 1 red and 1 black.
There are no markings on the back of the dimmer switch, and on the back of the new switch I've got 3 points -COM , L1 and L2.
Logic would say that the 2 wires should go in COM and L1 or L2, but the problem is both wires are the same colour, and there aren't any COM or L markings on the back of the old switch.
I'm worried about wiring it wrong and messing up the electrics in he house. This is such a simple job, but made harder by the fact I don't know what wire is what.
Any sparkies out there? Can you tell me if I wire it up wrong, will it blow the electrics up, or me up, or just simply not work?

Cheers in advance
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