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Found 17th Oct 2013
Evening, I have over 6 months left on my sky tv account and wondered if I can leave the bank details the same but change the name of the account holder over to my wifes name? I will be leaving the house in the next few weeks and the house I will be moving too already has tv and broadband. Or is it possible to just cancel the account as Ill have it elsewhere
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Best bet would be to ring SKY if your still in your 12 month contract period
u cannot change the name on an account , the account will need to stay in ur name ur wife's dd details can go on the account if necessary
No you can't. When my ex moved out I just kept it in his name, the payments had always come out of my account anyway. You'd have to speak to them about ending your contract.
Be warned that only you can cancel the acccount. So if you leave and give your Sky password to your wife she can contact them to do anything, upgrade the package, pay the bill etc but she can't cancel it.

This always catches people out.
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