Changing Battery in Motherboard Help-PLEASE

    I have been having a problem with the time and date on my computer for a few weeks (it thinks its Dec 2001 !!):w00t:
    Anyway, i gather it just needs a new battery which i have bought today- someone has told me its not just a straight forward -take old battery out and new one in . They told me - i had to go into the Bios -well , i have no idea on how to do that :? So, can anyone tell if i really do have to do that and if so -how do i do it please ?
    Thankyou in advance.


    This explains it better than I can :…tml

    Its fairly straight forward.

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    Hi Iom-RF ,
    Thanks a lot- will get this done tomorrow.
    Just a bit worried about getting the details when it switches on -but it doesnt say what you do when you have printed them out - it doen't mention the bios or anything about putting any more information anywhere after you have put the battery in. :?

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    As on previous postings- i prefer advice from a real person (thanks anyway) so, would anyone care to answer please?

    Press del when you switch on your PC to get to the BIOS

    When you replace the battery. You'll need to set the time and the date.

    Do as above. when you get in to the bios hit enter for the first option in the list. scroll to time and use the + and - keys to select. do the same for the date. then hit f12 i think and this will save all changes.
    Correct me if im wrong people

    Depends on the bios. Mine is F10 to save all changes.

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    Do i do this after i put the battery in - i presume so !?

    Yep change the battery then turn the pc on then go through the process as above

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    Cheers everyone -will do that later.
    Thanks for help yet again !
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