Changing car insurance from social use to business use

Found 19th Feb 2009
Does anyone know if there is much difference between social and business use? I am with tescos.

I WILL phone them up but am at work so cannot call right now so I thought I'd ask you guys and gals

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just done a quote with social, domestic and pleasure than changed it to business use and there wasnt much difference between them in some quotes 10 - 20 quid, some no difference
My Hubby had his luton van on social use but when more and more people asked him to do jobs he put it on business and it made no difference at all with direct line.
had to do the same yesterday with yes - no extra charge and full business use, took out social domestic cover but needed busines and business use and they said they will send me a new policy no extra
ooh thats awesome information. Thanks guys and gals
Business use is not the same as commercial travelling. You need to check with insurers that the cover is correct for your needs. Business use often covers going to 'pre-arranged appointments' but not necessarily to carry goods or samples in the vehicle. Always best to check before you take out the cover.
repped all
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