Changing from McAfee to I delete McAfee first?

Found 16th Jan 2010
McAfee is wanting £50 something to renew my yearly membership with them. Whilst i cant honestly say they have given me a problem i am thinking of changing and after reading comments on here thinking of going with Avast Pro for £29. They do have a free version but they say the pro is better for things like internet shopping I can also get a free two months trial of this and then pay which seems good.
My question is...when changing from one anti virus to another do i delete McAfee first or install it and then delete. Also is there anything else i should do? Firewall etc i cant say i really understand security very well.
I have seen the offer on for AVG at the mo with the Hut but a few people have recommended Avast so it seems to be the way to go. If anyone has had problems with them though i would appreciate knowing.
Thanks in advance.
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In a word .................YES................... always uninstall a previous anti-virus program before installing an other and never ever have 2 on the same PC/laptop.
There's a few freeby's in terms anti-virus programs : AVG9 ,Avast and the more recent Avira .
I've been trialing Avira on a number of PC's and laptops at work and it's very good . No problems so far and it seems to finds alot of things hidden on pen/flashdrives other programs missed.
Bought anti-virus programs I'd recommend are Kaspersky and ESSET NOD32 .
But remember , if your not happy with anything ,you can just uninstall it and get another one .
I would give Avira a try out .
You can't normally run two virus programs at once. Uninstall McAfee & run the removal tool to get rid of any remaining bits which can also cause conflicts :…507

If there's an option to download a full version of Avast to disk (rather than just the exe install program) do that & save it to disk then you can install it afterwards without being online.

Now I'll step back & let the techie experts give proper advice ;-)
Hello jst noticed your post and though id reply.
First of all im a computer technician and i work a lot with viruses as no one else at the firm wants that job tee hee.
In my honest oppinion i wouldnt touch Mcafee or Avast with a barge pole.
I would recomend Avira (and its free) it works beautifully and updtes itself regualrly etc, and isnt a drain on the system.
Alternatively you can download microsofts own anti virus which they released with windows 7 but is available for free download and free for like protection and will work with any version of windows ( ive only tried it on XP VISTA AND 7 MYself tho)
whichecver you choose dont worry too much about the process of instalation.
I usuall close all internet pages, uninstall the old one, reboot and then instaal the new one.
leaving ure PC unguarder for that length of time would only be a huge hazard if youre PC was literally riddled with virus and ure current AV product was fighting them back
If u need any more info let us kno
Good luck x
I would not advise you any antivirus as there are so many these days and each has its fan following. BUT do remember as someone said you should never run two antivrus in the same machine as it will mess things up. Soit is very important to remove mcafee completely before installing another antivirus. Uninstall mcafee from Add-Remove (Control Panel) and then run McAfee removal tool (mcpr.exe) to COMPLETELY remove all traces of McAfee from registry. You will find detailed instructions here.


And do remember to run ]mcpr.exe (From McAfee) or else there 'might' be problems in future.

Download this tool before uninstalling mcafee. Disconnect from Internet and then remove mcafee completely and install the next antivirus.
Thank you to you all you have all given me great replies, thanks for your time. I am glad i asked as i would have just taken mcafee from the add remove option and not done the other bit as well.
Also i will have a look at avira i had not heard of that as two of you seem to be impressed and if its free thats me definitely impressed.
I always appreciate how much time you guys give to answering questions from us less techinical people.
I will rep you all and take your good advice.,Thanks
Just Use The Free Version Of Avast
remember tho, the free ones are JUST an antivirus, not a firewall, malware scanner and often have very limited support.

thats why they dont cost anything
Goonieman;7564637 a anti virus and malware … a anti virus and malware scanner, and free.

its getting some really good reviews too.
a good starting point for home users.
certainly better than the much overhyped AVG free.

Personally I still prefer my Eset products
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