Changing from Virgin Media to Sky - what about all of the old cables?

Posted 19th Sep 2016
I'll be changing over to Sky TV, fibre internet and telephone on 14th October. I'm currently working through my 30 day's notice with Virgin Media (have the internet, tv and phone with them). At the moment, I have a white Telewest Broadband box on the wall near the tv and I have thick white cables running from it, into my Tivo box and around the sitting room skirting board (covered by trunking) to my modem. Am I right in understanding that the Sky engineers when installing my tv, fibre internet and telephone will not have any use for these cables and Telewest box? Will it be alright for me to remove the cables back to the white Telewest box, remove that one and then put a plastic plate(?) over any holes behind the Telewest box? I just don't want the Sky engineer to insert more trunking above the VMedia trunking that is already running around the skirting, if the VMedia trunking/cables, etc, can be removed? Can anybody explain to me if it's ok to remove all of this before the Sky engineer turns up, and how they dealt with any holes, etc, behind the white Telewest box please? Thank you.
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