Changing Garage to a Bedroom....any tips/advice?

    Its getting a bit crowded in our house now so we are thinking about
    changing the garage into a bedroom.

    Anyone know of any websites/books that would give step by step instructions on what to do and where to start?

    Thanks if you can help.



    Take the car out first.

    I KNEW someone would say it! X)
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    do you need planning permission for this kind of thing??


    do you need planning permission for this kind of thing??

    we didnt but we had to have Building Regulations approval through our local authority building control services. That was about 9 years ago
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    do you need planning permission for this kind of thing??

    Depends on the local council building rules, check their website but normally yes as I understand it

    We converted our garage in July 2009. We needed a building warrant from the council which had to approve our plans drawn by an architect showing where everything is going ie. doors, windows, sockets, lights etc.

    Ours ended up a nightmare as our builder ended up a bit of a cowboy with us going over budget by quite a bit. Kicked him off the job and ended up finishing it off oursleves with the help of a very handy neighbour.

    It's often easier to have a look around your street - has anyone else done it? Nip over and ask them. Are you detatched? If not, is there a party wall issue? You should perhaps have a nice chat with your neighbours first, sound them out, and sort of - warn them!

    Our neighbours have just done this and it seemed quite straight forward they got builders in but it only took about a week.Think they blocked up the door entrance first to the point where the window was going then knocked out where the new door was going. Put up plaster board and put window in plastered walls and sorted well that's what seemed to happen.

    We needed planning permission..
    floor needs digging up a couple of feet for insulation to be put in then floor put back down..

    also needs a damproof course

    Trade the car for a campervan. Job Done
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