Changing Gas and Electric suppliers.

Found 5th Sep 2017
Can anyone tell me what would be one of the best sites to compare utility bills.
Thanks in advance.
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5 Comments…lub is probably the best i'd say, if you switch to some of the companies you can get some cashback through them. I'd still recommend looking at cashback sites to see if you can get more by going through them afterwards though. Or if you're looking at bulb energy it's better to go find a referral code yourself and get £50 rather than the £25 you'd get from that link.
The are plenty but I would suggest you split the suppliers on gas & electric and look at how you use your energy. If you use a lot of gas/elect it might be best to choose low units with higher standing charge. Don't go for hight standing charges if you expect your usage to go down.
These companies always flip around the two parts to the bill to try and confuse people so if you had low standing charge last year the new price it might go up First Energy put their up 1200% when I was using them.
But also look for the fixed packages that are coming to the end of their life. If prices are going up those will be the cheapest way because you will get those rates for 12 months.
I'd second the MSE link, if you have all your usage figures from the previous year it gives a pretty comprehensive guide. On top of that you can set a reminder so that if you could save money on new tariffs they email you the details. You set your own default amount that you want information emailed through, for example only send me an email if I could save over £100 a year on a new package.
Thank you for the information,
I can save over £200 with EDF energy
£30 fee for both Gas and Electric if I want to leave them though!
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