Changing money back at Monastir Airport (Tunisia's Airport)

    Back from Holiday in Tunisia, Had a good time, nice place, recommend Yasmine/ Hammamet if you want somewhere to stay, Nicer Hotels and close to all the night life and interesting things to do.

    Anyway coming home you are not allowed to bring there currency (DINAR) out of the country and have to exchange it at the airport so we were told by the rep,
    so we had 80d which is £40 but got £25 back they take there commision on it, fine we thought as you cant use it in Duty Free anyway, came out of duty free and as we had 2 hours to kill we had lunch which worked out at £13 for 2 burgers and 2 cups of Tea but when we got the bill it had the price in USD,sterling and there currency which the restaraunts accept, we would never have spent 80d on food there anyway but someone with a larger family coming back with that amount would have easily,
    so what I am trying to say is if are going this year and have left over money dont exchange it at the airport (if you think you can spend in the restaraunts )and lose a chunk of it and have to feed your family before flying.


    yep-we also found this out too late to our cost-the rep actually told us it was an arrestable offence to take their currency out of the country!

    Ditto - we made sure only to exchange as much money as we would need for the next couple of days so that we only had small change left at the end.

    the same applies in Morocco - their currency is Dirham and you are not allowed to take money out of the country but they will allow you to go through passport control with a small amount to buy coffee sandwiches etc landside.

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    When we bought the grub at the airport and paid in sterling the guy brought our change back in Dinars, had to ask him to give us it back in sterling, fly guy I thought, still gave him a quid though and would probably do that same thing myself.
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