Changing my gas and electric tarriff

Found 5th Nov 2010
Does anyone know the best gas and electric tarriffs going at the moment. I'm currently with e-on but they have sent me a letter sayng they are changing my FixOnLine tarriff from 15% discount to a standard 2%.

Would appreciate any view on whats out there and any deals via quidco etc

thanks for the help.
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Go on uswitch.com they compare. Plus TCB too.
You might want to find the cheapest 2 year fixed deal on gas & electric price are likely to go up soon. A few compaines have increased prices already.
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Thanks for the website. and yeh i heard that prices were about to go back up.
Snowball, like you, my E-on tariff finished last month. I was on Save Online v1. They were going to change me over to some ordinary tariff. I did all the comparisons with other companies, hoping to find a nice Quidco sum ( ) but couldn't. The cheapest one for me this time round is E-on again, this time their Save Online version 3. This is cheaper than the tariff they were going to put me onto.

Hope that helps. Unfortunately we can't predict if they will bump our prices up though
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