(changing pounds to dollars)change here or usa?best rate

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Found 10th Oct 2010
hi there am going to vegas in 4 weeks and got £3000 to change for dollars , is it a better rate hear or when you get to the usa ???? can anyone advise cheers

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we were told to change here which we did. I used mse and found the best rate to be the post office (which wasnt a postal one)


always better here

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always better here

i just wondered because when i go to egypt and mexico its allways better to change in those countries and not here

Better hear than in Vegas - Might be worth getting a Caxtonfx Card or something similar.

Enjoy Vegas, I've been several times and always love it!

yes, countries with less traded exchanges can be better locally.
For USD I'd suggest getting one of the prepaid US Dollar cards - the post office do one if you like a known name, as do travelex and others. Very convenient. i'm using both travelex and escape travel money these days.

Maybe get 2, from different suppliers - just in case you want lots of $ in one day.

use a prepaid myself, fairfx.com , rate is 1.57 at the mo, pretty good for recent times. Heading out in 1 week so keeping a close eye myself fore I decide to load some ore dollars on it.
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