Changing price plan on 3 to the 1100 tarriff?

    Hey guys, a few months ago I joined three on an £18 a month contract, which gets me 500 mix/match mins/texts, and the offer they've got on their site, which has been up for a while now, the one where it's £20 a month and you get 1100 mins/texts is making me hate myself for not waiting.

    Now I was thinking, because I know that a lot of networks don't let you change your contract until its over, unless you're upgrading to a higher price-plan, would they let me bump up to this much hotter tariff?

    I'd love to know if anyone's already tried this, be it successfully or un.
    Thanks in advance.


    I upgaded to mix & match 700 when my contract ended then they were offering the 1100 for not much more. My new contract hadnt even kicked in but they wouldnt let me. There customer service was terrible, but I did upgrade in store and tried via customer service via mobile. Hence to say I was not happy.

    Worth a try... good luck

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    Wait, so you did manage to? Or you didnt?

    No they wouldnt they said I was under contract and to read the t&c. Therefore I wasnt happy but nothing I could do. TBH Im hoping for a change in mix & match t&cs so I can get out of contract I think its ridiculous and to top it off my new phone dont work in my living room 3 cs said that the phone I have does have service problems

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    Yea ok, just got off the phone to them and they said it wasn't doable. Said that because it was a 'promotional offer', it was only available to new customers - and do be fair that is how it's advertised on the site, so no legalities for me to bring up!

    Oh well, guess I can just hold out for a change in the T&Cs?
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