Changing ryan air booking

    I booked my flight in Januray, now I just realised that I booked my flight for 29th of Martch, I ment to book it for 25th of Martch.

    I paid something like £60 for 2 seats.
    I checked the pices for 25th and these are £110 for 2 seats.

    Has anyone here been changing ryan air booking? How much do they charge for a change? How much do you think it is going to cost me to have these 2 tickets changed to 25th?


    They charge a lot i'm afraid . Will just check for you

    Ever wonder how Ryanair make any profit with all their low cost flights.

    Well its because of people like you....all i can say is all the best!!!

    look in the t&C normally you'll be charged an admin fee and whatever the difference is for the new dates, maybe cheaper to make a new booking by the time you do this though…ees

    Bear in mind that's per person per one way flight

    the charge will be astronomically ridiculous-most times its actually cheaper to book the flights for the new dates instead of paying the changeover cost and just not turning up for the original flights!

    £25 per person each way if booked via So if they are return flights thats £100.


    Feel for you!! I booked flights for end of Arpil and was supposed to select the night flight but took the early morning 1 instead. Both flights cost the same but instead of paying ryanair the fees to change I'm just gonna take an extra days holiday for it and get on the Guinness earlier

    Flight Change Fees* - Per Passenger/ Per One Way Flight
    Name Change Fee* - Per Passenger

    looking at £25 pp each leg of journey for admin on top of extra flight costs if booked online

    as i said maybe cheaper to lose the £60 you originally paid and rebook


    Cheaper to just make new booking for flights and lose out on the £60 you alrady paid

    " Has anyone here been changing ryan air booking? "

    No, but I have flown a few times with Ryanair.;-)
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