Changing the lightbulbs on a Peugeot 107 1.0 Urban 3dr ?????

Posted 6th Feb 2009
Has anyone got this tiny rubbish car ??

I wasnt impressed with my other halfs brightness of her lights, so i bought a nice 90% brighter Xenon pair to put in (H4)....

When i lifted up the bonnet i tried to squeeze my hand in to change the right hand bulb....not a hope in h*ll !!!
Please dont tell me u have to take off the bumper then the headlight to change a simple bulb? this cant be the case.....or can it?

the left hand one was kind of ok to change the sidelight but when i tried to get the main bulb, i tried to pull off the rubber to get to the silver clip...i clouldnt see what i was doing so i put it back to gether again.
Thsi has got to be the biggest joke !!! if u have to take the bumper off and the headlight just to do the job....someones head should be on the chopping block !!!

Grrrrrrrr anyone else have one or has this problem?
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Most cars are difficult to change the headlamp bulbs.

I pay halfords to do it for me, they charge £4.99 to change a headlamp bulb.
yeh thinking of doing that
It is the single most frustrating job. It is easier to replace the exhaust system, and carry out a full service than it is to change a frigging lightbulb. They are designed to make you go back to the main dealer. They are sub human scum.
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