Changing utilities, which tariff am i on?

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Found 25th Jan 2010
AFter realising my gas bills are extortionate i am now trying to compare to get the cost down. ON the comparison site it says which tariff and there is a list of them.
My gas bill says clearly Online V5
and Electricity says Online V5 standard

ON the list there is a standard and there is a online V5.2 not just a V5
Which am I on?
I would appreciate any help from anyone who understands this please as i am worried that if i put the wrong tariff in I wont get the best deal.
Thanks in advance.

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your bill will tell you what you are on, if it says standard or just v5 then it will be standard, once you are done you can always check by the tariff cost at what your paying and what the compare site says you are paying

Don't worry if you are not 100% sure as the comparison websites will still find the best deal for you. The only bit that will be wrong is the calculation of the saving that you will make. As you already say that you know that you haven't got a good deal you can be sure that it will find a better one.

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Thanks guys will rep you both.


and always check the tariffs out for yourself, what your paying now, what discount you get, etc,etc and then look at what the new tariff is, they have said numerous times i would be better off with another, yet when i get bills out and compare they are dearer, so dont take the comparisons word for it, check

remembering some tariffs will say charge the first 200 khw at the higher tier and others may charge the 1st 400 at the higher tier etc,etc, i usually get my bills and total them up using the new tariff and see, and like i said both times they have been dearer even though they say they are a hundred pound cheaper
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