chapado oro any one know much about it????

    hi just having a clear out and come across what i believe to be a tie pin not sure what the chain thing is on it for though.
    its in a case with chapado oro on it looks like white and gold gold with diamonds in.
    google dose not bring much up in english
    ill post a pic is it worth much as i was going to throw it into i had a good look at it and it does look of high quality but im no jeweller.


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    just figured out what the chain and end bits for to secure it to your button i guess

    Chapado appears to mean 'plate' as in metal and Oro is Gold.
    So Gold Plated.?

    The hallmarks should tell you what its made of...

    ^ Ah. Not going to be worth much (anything) then if its plate. Very unlikely to be real diamonds too.
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    Looking at a translation page, Chapado oro, is spanish for gold plate. There is also a website ( that sells sterlinng ilver coated in gold, in which this name is referred to. Put in on ebay, you may get a few quid.

    Might get a few quid based on Twenga search

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    cheers folks
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